The Vigilant: Final Destruction

Just this past week my guild finally started running The Vigilant: Final Detruction (x2) raid instance on a regular basis.  And so far, the instance has by no means been a pushover.  Most of our struggles have come with the second encounter in the zone (the 3 dogs), which we finally downed this past Thursday.  Currently our progression is up to High Marus Alaric, and we hope to have him down in the near future.

So far the encounters aren’t too technical.  However, anyone expecting to use this x2 raid as a progression path similar to Ward of Elements in TSO will be in for a rude awakening.  Many of the mobs hit like trucks, even with most of our members geared in T3/T4 TSO and SF raid gear.  I would imagine without T3/T4 TSO gear, or a hefty amount of SF raid gear, this instance will be extremely difficult, if not impossible, for many.  Decent amounts of crit mit and resistances are needed, especially for the 3 dogs, one of the most challenging encounters in the zone.

Below are the strategies we’ve been using for the first four named encounters within the zone.


Thanaraax is the irst named encounter in the zone, and is pretty easy.  Thanaraax should be pulled down from his platform and tanked in the corner of the lower platform, near one of the ramps.  He does have an AE, but doesn’t seem to do a lot of damage.  He will randomly teleport folks away, including the tank.  Overall the teleport is easy to deal with, and usually it will only happen to the tank once during the fight.

Tartan, Raamum, and Cadducian:

These skeletal Cerberus are really one of the hardest encounters in here.  Tartan is basically the tank, and hits like a truck, on par with very hard hitting x4 mobs, and has an extremely nasty AE.  Cadducian is the scout, hits fast, for moderate damage.  Raamum is the healer, and he has some nasty detriments.

The strat that we found that worked for us was to pull all three and tank them in the corner next to the door where you first enter the room.  This keeps the tank from getting smacked around and helps people avoid falling off the airship when getting knocked back.  Depending on how geared your MT and healers are, you can either have the MT take all three dogs, or split them up.  Regardless of how you tank them, this fight will take a while, and power regen is absolutely needed in both groups.  Certain detriments placed on the raid by the dogs will cause folks to not only burn through power, but damage themselves at the same time.

The first dog that needs to go down is Raamum, the healer.  He applies a curse on the raid that increases casting time considerably.  He will also periodically heal for a considerable amount of health.  Your DPS needs to be high enough to stay ahead of the healing.  Priority for curing curses is tanks first, then healers; don’t worry about getting it off DPS.  Because of the nasty AEs and detriments while all three dogs are up, attempt to stay at max range as much as possible. 

Once Raamum is down, curses are no longer going off which will make the fight much easier.  Understand the damage will still be intense, but compared to 3 dogs, 2 dogs is much easier.  The next target should be Cadducian, who should drop fast without heals.  Keep in mind that folks should still joust the heavy AE coming from Tartan (unless they have high resists and crit mit).  Finish off Cadducian and then move to Tartan, who is still hitting like a truck.  At this point the detriments are gone, so the only thing to keep an eye on is the high damage the tank will still be taking and Tartan’s AE.

As far as resistances go, Arcane is huge for this fight.  General rule, get your Arcane jewelry set on, and get as much crit mit as possible.


Melagrognan is pretty easy compared to the 3 dogs.  He really only has two abilities to worry about.  First is a noxious AE that is curable.  It will tick for quite a bit, so it needs cured immediately.  Second is a mem wipe.  We pulled him from the upper floor and tanked him against a stack of crates to avoid his knockback.  He seems to mem wipe around the knockback, so have both tanks fighting for aggro to keep him from eating the raid.  The mem wipe only seemed to happen once or twice.  Other than that, the encounter is a simple tank and spank.


~ by Maesyn on May 14, 2010.

2 Responses to “The Vigilant: Final Destruction”

  1. We have been on the three skell dogs for awhile now. Tough fight.

  2. It is, especially for a x2 raid.

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